Glory in the Industry: Acetop Global has been awarded "Best Forex CFD Provider" by an internationally renowned magazine
2019-05-03 13:59:14

On March 26, 2019, Acetop Global Markets Limited added another authoritative award for its meticulous and steady performance in financial services. It was selected as "Best Forex CFD Provider" by World Finance, a world-renowned financial journal. It is the only enterprise that has won this title among all the award-winning financial brokers! Not only is this a recognition of the contribution made by Acetop Global in Forex field, but also an appreciation of its outstanding capability!

World finance is one of the most authoritative and influential annual awards in the industry, which strictly selects financial trading platforms around the world. The candidates cover the fields such as investment, insurance, banking and funds. Assessment factors include product innovation, market development and customer satisfaction. In this year's selection, only 9 brokers from all over the world were on the list, indicating that Acetop Global has become one of the benchmark enterprises in overseas financial world.

Acetop Global is authorized and regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB), which is recognized by jurisdictions such as the UK and the United States. Since its establishment, the company has taken measures to ensure multiple guarantees in terms of fund security, user experience and customer service under the background of big data and intelligent fintech innovation. In respect of hardware, Acetop Global adopts cutting-edge technology to ensure system stability and protect client data in an all-round way. Acetop Global has excellent integrity quality of safe operation for many years, and it has been awarded National Integrity Enterprise with Customer-satisfied Quality and Service During the International Consumer Rights Day of this year.

As for software, Acetop Global provides 24-hour and year-round professional customer service. As a market leader in the industry, it adheres to the client centric approach. In addition, our dedicated specialists provide round-the-clock deposit and withdrawal service to each client, so as to ensure the flow of funds is trackable anytime and anywhere. Our live broadcast offers free professional investment courses, where experienced analysts provide real-time market insights and investment strategy.

Acetop Global enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. It is dedicated to providing each client with an excellent trading experience from a forward-looking perspective, and it will continue to innovate and optimize itself based on stringent and flexible regulatory system of the Bahamas. In the future, Acetop global will refine its services, expand diversified and innovative financial investment products, and develop more user-friendly trading experience to create unlimited motivation and possibility for the industry!