Only the truth can be trusted – field survey to the UK office of Acetop by an inspection team from WikiFX
2019-05-20 12:51:43

On May 17, Acetop received an inspection team from WikiFX in its UK office. CEO of UK subsidiary led WikiFX team to visit the office environment, and elaborated on development and vision of Acetop Group, hoping that this friendly meeting could enable more investors to understand Acetop as a truly professional broker.

Acetop Group has a global presence in financial services with subsidiaries authorized by reputable regulators in various jurisdictions, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) in Hong Kong and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB). It is fully regulated which provides investors with more security. In addition, subsidiaries of Acetop offer a wide range of products, including Forex, gold and silver, and crude oil.


Acetop focuses on client fund security and privacy protection. Account details are strictly protected with all personal data encrypted to ensure safety of investment, and funds can be accessed only by account holder.

WikiFX, serving as the most fair and impartial supervision media for forex brokers in China, has given a very high appraisal to Acetop following the field survey and various assessments:

Through the field survey of inspection team, it is confirmed that UK subsidiary of Acetop really exists. The company enjoys a superior geographical location, a large scale, new and clean office. The staff are very considerate and friendly. It is known that it is a Hong Kong-funded company and attaches great importance to the reports of front-line news in mainland China.

So far, the company is a relatively reliable trading platform with strength and relatively low risk.


This affirms the ingenuity of Acetop for many years, and in the future, Acetop will as always lead a new trend of financial transactions. Under the strict protection of client data and fund security, Acetop will continue to expand the trading field, explore more investment approaches, and build a safe, stable and trustworthy investment environment for investors.